The First Citizens Group ensures that its staff members are properly remunerated through highly competitive compensation packages. Compensation tools are reviewed periodically, every 3 years for non-managerial staff and every 2 years for managerial staff. Staff members also receive annual merit increases based on their job performance.

Profit-sharing Program - Employees gain direct financial benefits from their contribution to the Group’s profit through a defined profit-sharing program.

Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) - This is a stock allocation plan where each employee shares directly in the ownership of the organization. This is completed through the purchase of stocks via a tax-free percentage of the end of year profit-sharing bonus. Employees receive dividends from their stocks and the ESOP serves as a secondary retirement fund.

Vacation Savings Program - Employees’ vacation savings fund is boosted by an added monetary contribution from the organization, increasing vacation possibilities and amplifying enjoyment.

Staff Loans and Credit Cards - Employees enjoy preferential terms for loans and credit cards.

Overall, the Group provides an extensive suite of allowances and benefits that directly and positively affect employees’ quality of life. Additionally, employees can avail of a range of leave types, an easily accessible Employee Assistance Program (EAP), incentive plans, and countless opportunities within the organization for growth and development.


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